I use the highest-quality research to tackle the hallmarks of aging.

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Dream Team

Have you noticed how everything is “evidence-based” these days? Just like greenwashing, companies and influencers love telling us how they “did their research.” But what does that really mean?

Nine months ago, I was ready to start making lifestyle changes to look and feel my best. I started doing my own research, but I was overwhelmed, and confused. 

So I took control, hired a team of researchers, and over the next few months we developed our own research process. 

My team reviews the latest biomedical literature on all things anti-aging, which I translate into the longevity lifestyle systems I share with you.

We use science to cut through the noise and get to the truth. 

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Longevity Authority 

In addition to our research process, I have completely re-educated myself, and I’m now a longevity expert. I have completed programs from Stanford, Cornell, the Buck Institute, and more.